Welcome to the game of monopoly,
Pick your piece and place it in this trade based economy.

The goal of the game is to win,
Get the most money, land and properties. So let’s begin.

Role the dice and play your luck,
Also watch out that nobody steals a buck.

Around and around you will go,
Until you can’t afford to anymore.

As someone will own nearly every piece of land,
And only rarely will you get a helping hand.

But those few pennies you might get,
Will anyway flow back to those who own your debt.

Occasionally a fellow survivor may break through,
Yet in order to make it he’ll still have to screw you.

It might be safer to hide out in jail,
As you can’t compete with those massive whales.

Everyone’s so focused on trying to survive,
No longer caring about those who can’t stay alive.

Conflicts, alliances and deaths will occur,
They’ll be stealing and arguing for sure.

The game may seem so real,
But never forget that it is just a spiel.

After everything’s over,
And you are the boards owner,

It all goes back in the box.
All your properties, money and stocks.

It was all imaginary,
Only the game made you think it was necessary.

Maybe it’s time we start rethinking the board,
Maybe there are better games left unexplored.

If you want to understand the real trade game that we all play
Then start reading the TROM book the origin of most problems today.

On a final note,
Here’s an interesting quote:
Universal basic income is like the end of monopoly when the guy that’s won starts giving you money so you’ll keep playing and he can keep taking it.