The trade world we live in can be a very lonely place.
Cities seem to have isolated humans into concrete buildings with very little space.

Spaces where most don’t even know their next door neighbours,
As the cold world we live in makes people fear strangers.

So instead of going out and connecting with others,
Most stay inside and are glued to screens with hypnotising colours.

But even outside the bright colours follow people wherever they go.
Submerging human minds into small and mega screens that glow.

The economic game we play has taken us far away from community and companionship.
That’s partly because our system reinforces competitive behaviour rather than unity and friendship.

It’s no wonder why so many of us feel so alone,
As we have a self centred culture that pushes everybody into their own little zone.

A zone where many are forced to numb themselves with substances to deal with the pain.
A pain caused by lost connections and ultimately an obsolete trade game.

A game that is based upon conflict and division.
Separating people into race, nationality, sex and religion.

A life of loneliness is nobodies fault or responsibility.
Our capitalistic culture makes it an epidemic inevitability.

Today’s predatory structure fosters these emotions of fear, paranoia and depression.
We must realise that our socioeconomic system sadly does not promote human understanding and connection.

At the end of the day humans are social animals.
We need each other just as much as our fellow mammals.

We need to create a system that makes people want to feel like they belong and can contribute to the betterment of the world
And not one where people compete and isolate themselves in an egocentric game of who’s going to take over the world.

In the words of Jacque Fresco: ‘There is no way for you to make it on your own. Either we think globally or we perish individually.’
In other words the increasing severity of loneliness will remain another symptom of today’s trade based society until we create new structures that incentivise humans to work collectively.