Material Traditions


Almost every form of celebration is now tied in with material presentation,
waving the flag of a nation
and other forms of disposable decoration.

In the western world Christmas, birthdays and wedding expeditions
have gradually turned into increasingly material traditions,
developing a culturally reinforced habit of consumeristic repetition.

So many humans are patriotically waving a flag
and distinguishing themselves with branded impractical handbags
in today’s crazy shopping culture where everything has a price tag.

Ho, ho, ho, sorry but no.
This metaphysical materialism has got to go,
if we want to save our species from this cyclical consumeristic flow.

But corporations don’t want their profits to stop
so they’ll continue to reinforce people to shop
and pop fancy champaign to an insanely loud beat drop.

Capitalism is all about who controls stuff;
owns the newest stuff, the most stuff, the shiniest, coolest and fastest stuff,
and has thereby created a mentality where what you have will never ever be enough.

Screw you and more for me.
‘Don’t care about that homeless guy!’
That’s today’s sad and self-centred mentality
created and forced into fruition by this predatory trade society.

So many people have been conditioned to only think about more money, more stuff and more brands,
whilst billions of humans live in poverty and millions more are victims of the west bombing their land’s.

Most people think they freely choose what they buy,
but really your choices are determined by your background, society, the media and so on
thereby making the concept of free-will and independent choice a lie.

Imagine a world where people don’t expect or need material gifts in order to celebrate together.
Imagine a world where everyone has access to the necessities of life for free and therefore have no materialistic pressure.