Social Media Prostitutes


We live in a world with instagram pics of bodybuilders, boobs and butts.
Billions are so hypnotised that they as well wanna become such social media sluts.

People are losing themselves in this digital world of self obsession and vanity.
More comments, likes, views and followers reinforce people to further this artificiality.

It glues millions of people to their devices.
Submerging their minds & values into those celebrities our culture aggrandises.

It seems like the dumber and more self-centred you are,
The greater your chances of becoming such a social media star.

Feeding people hyper-sexualised bodies and absurd levels of wealth,
Is bound to threaten everyone’s mental health.

Feelings of arrogance and insufficiency are reinforced so strongly,
Making so many think they are not good enough and a few think that they are godly.

But what can you expect in today’s world of coldhearted Capitalism.
It is the system we live in and hence the structure of these platforms that breeds this narcissism.

Whether Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or Twitter,
Most post mind numbing content just in order to become bigger and bigger.

Because the bigger you get,
The more money you will net.

Yet, the more fake you will become,
Selling yourself for products and higher income.

It’s all about themselves: their hair, eyebrows, muscles, jawline, ass and face.
Rarely about others or the problem’s we face as a human race.

And if it is, it’s with no structural understanding of today’s trade game.
Instead their patchwork activism only addresses symptoms with the intent of gaining more fame.

Some of these models even travel the world to sell their skin and lifestyle,
Distracting so many to consume more with their big superficial smile.

We’ve created a culture where people’s sense of worth is linked to their popularity online.
Maybe it’s time we question this absurdity and realise that our values and culture are in dire need for redesign.