What is life all about?

Hustling away ones life for some meaningless job does not have to remain most people’s reality. We can easily produce more than enough stuff for everyone and automate all the boring stuff people don’t want to do.

No one needs to starve, live on the streets, go to war, police anyone, go to prison, compete with others and so forth.

These issues are all symptoms of a bigger structural issue and that structural issue is not money (still a symptom).

The root cause of most of today’s problems is the very notion of TRADE itself.

This might sound crazy to you, but that’s probably because you are unfamiliar with this idea. We have many books, videos and documentaries explaining all this in great detail on tromsite.com

In order to come up with solutions, we must first understand the origin of most problems (trade). Focusing on the problem will force solutions. If we fight the same enemy then a solution to it is a solution to all of us involved in the fight.

Humans are shaped by environment, nobody is born a murderer, soldier, doctor, Hindu, Christian, heterosexual, artist, loser, winner, politician, scientist etc. It is impossible to understand people without understanding the context (culture) they find themselves in. And the same goes for change.

One needs to change the predatory game we play if you want humans to be less predatory. We will never be able to solve any of our problems today (pollution, drugs, guns, poverty) if we keep looking at them as isolated issues separate from one another.

There’s a bigger picture to all of this and nobody is to blame. Not even the billionaires and trillionaires.

They as well are victims playing the same outdated monopoly game – kill or be killed, stressed, lonely, watching their back, inhaling the same polluted air, egocentric, materialistic and the list goes on. We are all in this together and need/are able to design a new socioeconomic system that benefits everyone.

 And all this starts with trade-free goods and services, which this website is one of. That means nothing is sold here or ever will be, nor do I collect your data, sell it or track you.

If you want to understand why, check out: trade-free.org