The Ugliness of Beauty


What is beautiful to you doesn’t automatically make it beautiful for others too.
Your personal experiences and cultural background determine your conditioned view.

From 12 inch waists to higher foreheads to elongated necks,
Female beauty is continuously changing and subjectively defined, so there will always be new looks and trends that pop up next.

And so it goes for men: from body builders to wigs to high heels,
To all kind of other deviations you may even consider surreal.

This means that beauty is relative,
Culturally subjective,
A completely abstract matter of perspective.

It might help to think about what a born blind person might consider beautiful.
It would most likely be less visual and far more tactile and acoustical.

However whether it is tall, short, loud, quiet, obese, skinny, bald, hairy, black, tan or white,
Human attraction is so diverse that it’s impossible to say this is wrong or right,
Except for yourself, your own culturally shaped appetite.

Fashion, looks, even music, paintings and architecture change year after year from place to place.
So don’t worry too much about what other people are taught to think about the structure of your face.

But we all know that’s not easy with all the advertisement designed to make the average person feel insufficient and insecure,
Just so the cosmetics industry can make billions of dollars selling more makeup, botox and all kinds of surgery as the well marketed cure.

Know that whenever you deal with people’s opinions, like with what’s ugly or pretty,
You’re really dealing with learned and continuously changing positions.

To quote Jacque Fresco, “If you marry a woman who you think is very beautiful and she ends up being cruel to you that face becomes ugly.”
So your perspective keeps altering based on whatever you run into.

So as beauty and ugliness are temporally and culturally relative notions then perhaps we should stop dividing people on who’s subjectively prettier
And rather try to move beyond anatomical comparing and focus a little less on the physical exterior.

Everything I’ve said is not intended to diminish or insult anyone.
All I’m saying is that the relativity of beauty concerns everyone
And that a better understanding of it could perhaps create a less comparative world one by one.