Alcohol & Partying


Most movies, music, media and people in so called developed societies reinforce you to drink,
rather than to critically question and think.

The harmful use of alcohol results in the death of around 3 million people annually.
Some overdose at once, whilst others kill themselves drinking it gradually.

It also causes illness, injury and emotional damage to millions more,
yet most people continue to drink excessively without really asking themselves the question: what for?

Instead so many people’s main motivation is to get absolutely wasted,
suppressing real life for a temporary high that a day later will make them feel devastated.

Some of them even go deaf because today’s techno clubs are so loud,
yet most don’t care as that’s the attitude generated by a drugged up and hypnotised crowd.

Alcohol impairs rational decision making and is related to 6% of all deaths,
but that doesn’t itch today’s rave culture where people are conditioned to drink booze to show off their wealth.

It seems like social interactions are increasingly packed with insecurity, distance and fear,
maybe that’s one of the reasons why so many people have to drink so much beer.

In other words maybe alcohol helps people deal with all the anxiety
structurally induced by our modern lives in today’s concrete, cold and unsocial society.

Or maybe the liquor industry is marketing all it can to boost alcohol sales from Monday to Friday and throughout the weekend,
seducing people to spend, lend and bend in the face of humanities potentially quite shallow end.

Alcohol has become so embedded in western traditions
that it has become a cultural substance of addiction.

Hence, peer pressure is a big thing,
as people tend to do what is socially reinforced by their immediate surroundings.

Alcohol can of course be relieving, exciting and extremely funny,
but ultimately we must look at it for what it really is:
a massively promoted toxic substance that makes a few people a whole lot of money.

It’s funny how alcohol is so widely accepted, as it kills so many people,
yet something like cannabis that doesn’t kill anyone is still in so many places around the world illegal.

Our values seem twisted. Instead of a culture that reinforces health, curiosity and social inclusion we have one that pushes emotional and physical suppression through alcohol, which if you don’t consume will separate you from many members of today’s modern western society.

I am not saying that one should never drink alcohol or that it is terrible for all. I enjoy a drink here and there as well at times, but what I am saying is that having a social structure that fetishises and pressurises so many people to misuse such an intoxicating substance is deadly, unacceptable and needs to be changed.

There is so much more to life than to get completely wasted every weekend or to overdose on some substance.

To understand more please check out how Iceland has significantly reduced the abuse of substances and alcohol over the past decades through fun activities, education and sports. Also, check out the work of Gabor Maté and his work on addiction, showing how a persons background, circumstances and the degree of abuse they have endured in life are major contributors as to why people get hooked on substances, thus challenging what most people would think about alcoholics. A new socioeconomic structure that boosts public health, education and solidarity with one another together with exciting adventures and experiences can surpass this issue and most others we face today.