Daily Hustle


How can you care or help someone in trouble,
if you yourself are stuck in capitalism’s ruthless everyday hustle?

It seems like the modern world traps most people in a self-centred bubble.
Everyone’s too busy keeping their head above water that they can’t see beyond their own economic struggle.

For most humans the market has made it impossible to survive without submitting to the rules of the rat race.
Deviate, don’t play or revolt and you will most likely be ostracised, neglected and put in place.

Working most of your life for some corporation or business like a slave,
probably has a lot do with school, family and society indoctrinating you on how it is you should behave.

Our predatory world consists of a whole lot of sharp elbows, most people fight about whose got the most expensive house, the fastest car and the shiniest clothes.

That’s it. Clothes and shows seem to be all the average person really knows.
Science, technology and critical thinking are simply made irrelevant to the masses I suppose.

But I know it’s difficult to think critically,
if you’re in an environment that rewards ignorance and also messes you up physically.

Our daily lives are strongly influenced by social pressure and our economic circumstances.
Hence, even when someone wants change they rarely risk or can afford to take any serious stances.

So like rats shoved into a train,
the daily hustle continues forcing most to play todays ruthless and consumeristic every day game.

But that’s not how it must be.

Through education and by looking at our problems from a structural point of view you might be able to see that it is possible to create a new system that surpasses this daily hustle of you vs. me, of them vs. us, of division, materialism and coldness; of most people’s daily monotony, of the psychological suppression that comes with working for someone or something you don’t believe in for most of your life.

Today’s outdated labor for income system in our polluted and disconnected society is not working any longer. Most of today’s jobs are completely unnecessary and apart of an old and unsustainable economic system. A system that hasn’t always been around and will certainly disappear one way or another.

One way could be by reengineering it into one that fits our technological potential and the wisdom that we are all in this together as one big species. There is no need for subservience, exploitation, financial pressure, competitive behaviour and most of our problems today in a technologically advanced world of abundance.