100 million people are homeless worldwide
and there are over 100 million empty apartments worldwide.
Why those homeless are not living in those empty apartments is still beyond my mind?

In today’s self-entrapped world of the so smart mobile phone,
it has become much easier to ignore all those that don’t even have a home.

How many homeless people have you walked passed on the street?
How many times have you tried to put yourself in their shoes watching all those passing feet?
Why are they begging and nobody is helping?
Why is there more food than ever before but nothing for them to eat?

With the amount of money the United States spends every year on Christmas decorations alone
they could easily eliminate their issue of homelessness.
It is really not that difficult to overcome most of our problems today
if we gather and work collectively and not get sucked into the predominantly reinforced culture of hopelessness.

Why does modern society make you feel like you are all on your own?
Why can’t we build a future where nobody is categorised as a negative externality
and thrown out into an artificially scarce society where you’re all alone.

As many as 1.6 billion people lack adequate housing
and people are still defending today’s outdated market structure which is depressingly astounding.

Governments are using metal spikes to deal with the homeless,
and unless we change the structural forces that generate such backwards type thinking,
there will be little to no improvement to such coldness.

In today’s society we take better care of those in jail than those on the street.
Those behind bars are given beds, sheets, clothes, food, water and much more,
whilst the homeless struggle everyday just to get something to eat.

Homelessness is not an accident or a fixed social condition.
It is the inevitable outcome of a very unequal and obsolete market system
based primarily on ruthless and predatory human vs. human competition.

It will take a completely new socioeconomic mission where we instead use science and technology to design an emergent system
that makes sure everyone has access to clean water, clean air, healthy nutrition, relevant education and of course proper accommodation.

Suffering on the street of hunger, thirst, the cold, the heat, the loneliness and the degradation has nothing to do with a persons chromosomes.
It has something to do with the social structure they are living in that systemically denies them a home.