Legitimate Gangsters



We live in a world where the very foundation of our economic system is based upon social ranks.
The higher you climb, the closer you might get to the cartel of banks.

If you like to talk about organised crime,
Perhaps the most powerful institution of all times,
Then look a little closer at whose controlling the issue of every single dime.

Most gangsters go to war, have guns and sell cocaine on the street.
But the best gangsters create wars, sell guns and are people you’ll never meet.

Here’s a question:
What’s a bigger crime?
To own a prison or to be in one?
To shoot each other with AK47’s?
Or to be the person selling both sides the guns?

The truth is none.
Both are bound by circumstances, conditioning and causality.
The act or position is simply the deterministic outcome.

Yet besides that peoples sense of morality seems twisted.
But what else can one expect from a world where arms dealers, CEO’s and bankers are the last ones to be convicted.

It’s also interesting how uniforms and badges seem to make killing people ok.
Like all those soldiers and cops murdering innocent civilians in this unequal game we play.

The various institutions of this system legitimise those who serve the establishment up top.
Whereas the low level players are economically disadvantaged and demonised nonstop.

How can you justify such a system where the ruling elites dress in million dollar suits,
Whilst billions unnecessarily work meaningless jobs like programmed prostitutes.

One can’t, as the entire pyramid structure pushes an aggressive mob mentality
With some level of hate, violence and classism being apart of everyday reality.

The entire corporate structure seems to be like the mafia.
Power consolidation, loyalty and merciless practices are the protocols that breed this egomania.

However, I’m not saying that one should hate any type of gangster, legitimised or otherwise.
Like all humans we are products of culture and our socioeconomic structure, which is important to realise.

What I am saying though is that being ruthless, brutal, predatory, competitive and acquisitive, just like a gangster, does not come out of nowhere.
It is taught by this capitalistic culture with all the ghettos, inequality, movies, media, business schools and universities moulding humans everywhere.

And as long as this trade game exists,
Our world of low level and legitimate gangsters will persist.