Rants & Rymes about the many issues caused by the origin of most problems (TRADE). Solutions and ways of dealing with those problems are also in the making. If you want to translate any of these videos please go here.

The Ugliness of Beauty

Many think of beauty as a fixed concept or that beauty is genetically rooted and cross-cultural. But the reality of this world seems to suggest the complete opposite.

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Most are too busy playing the monopoly (TRADE) game that they are unable to step off or question the board.

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In a system where everyone fights against each other, genuine connections are hard to find. Many blame themselves, accept it, watch endless tv, or commit suicide, but only few question the trade based culture that structurally creates loneliness on a mass scale.

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Social Media Prostitutes

The trade world is pushing every human being to become a product that needs to prostitute themselves for likes, comments, endorsements, views and other for profit attention seeking motives. Just when some thought that there is too much materialism, consumerism, vanity, comparative values, hate and stupidity offline, a whole new world opened up for them online.

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The New Human Rights Movement

The fight for better human rights is the fight against today’s outdated socioeconomic system (the trade game). It is the root cause of inequality, devision, war and most (if not all) problems today. Change the game (make things trade-free) in order to change incentives and thus improve human behaviour.

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Alcohol & Partying

Many of us live in cultures where the norm is to get absolutely wasted every weekend or whenever one has the excuse to do so. Maybe, that’s because human connection is otherwise rarely found in these cultures. Maybe there are larger structural forces in play (trade) pushing humans to intoxicate and numb there bodies as a way of dealing with this predatory and polluted world.

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Games of Distraction

Just as in ancient times, massive stadiums are built to host massive events to help distract the masses.

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If Only...

Many people wish for more money, clothes and fame, but here at TROM we wish and work towards a trade-free world.

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We’re living in the most technologically advanced time in human history and most of that technology is used for destructive purposes. War is one them.

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What kind of a world do we live in when people in jail are taken better care of than people on the streets. The many millions of homeless that live in a world of plenty, represent everyday the failure of the trade game we play based on articificial scarcity.

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Material Traditions

Love in this trade world is largely represented by what material things you buy for yourself and others.

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Legitimate Gangsters

What’s the difference between a CEO, banker, solider, policeman, politican and a Gangster? The more successful you are in this game, the more legitimate you become as a gangster.

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Daily Hustle

This video presents the every day grind (rat race) that billions of people on this planet must go through because of today’s outdated trade system.

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