• Seb

Updated: Mar 8

Dear Bro

You are my best friend

I can’t believe the distance will finally end

When I left, you were my little bro

Now you are one of the strongest men I know

For nearly 6 years we have been apart

Yet everyday you’ve been in my heart

You were 12 years old

When I had to be bold

And you had to do as you’re told

Not a day goes by

Without me thinking about your life in Dubai

I know what it’s like

Then again my reality has become so unlike

But we never lost each other

I never forgot about my brother

Once a week I saw you on a screen

Every Friday you became my routine

I know it’s been crazy going to school

With all them orders, exams and rules

They all think they’re so smart and cool

But we both know who’s the actual fool

The separation has been tough

But what the heck eyy

Life is rough

Soon the caged bird will have to fly

Soon it will be you who says goodbye

My brother

We will no longer wait for the summer

Everyday will be ours

No more counting weeks, days and hours

We will live everyday like it’s our last

And god knows we will have a blast

We will wonder about the stars in the sky

We will laugh until the day we die

I look forward riding some waves when you’re done

I look forward to the long hikes and talks in the sun

You’re a great fighter

And an even greater writer

You already have quite the story to tell

And there will be so much more to see, touch, hear and smell

You have become a man

Now you will be the one with the plan

After this there will be no more

The world will be yours to explore

Love you bro