• Seb



How much stuff is enough?

Instead of human connections

Society is drowning in possessions

What we own ends up owning us

Materialism has made us nuts

Don’t love things and use people

Use things and love people

Sadly that’s not what were told

Consumerism is what we’re sold

Climbing economic ladders

Has become all that matters

But even winning in this game of monopoly

Only chains you to more & more property

And builds a bigger social barrier

That certainly doesn’t make you happier

So, declutter your mind and view

Your friends are the real you

Not the items you hoard

But the adventures you explored

Not the money you accumulate

But the memories you create

Let’s learn from hunter gatherers:

An equal community of minimalist travellers

“A mans wealth is best measured by the things he can do without”

Henry David Thoreau