• Seb

Updated: Mar 8

Planet Earth

Once upon a time, there was a planet called earth

A blue marble where life had given birth

It had bacteria, whales and bees

Ants, dinosaurs and monkeys

It had such a diversity of species

Until it became the land of human entities

Humans were two legged apes with nifty fingers

They walked upright and were oxygen breathers

Not long after they evolved

The planet had transformed

They filled it with cities, agriculture and waste

Most other animals were captivated or erased

Their population grew exponentially

So did their abilities technologically

They discovered that the earth was a globe

But they remained divided with colourful robes

They had emperors, queens and gods

They had rockets, computers and jobs

Their biggest threat was themselves

They fought over resources and wealth

They never stopped killing each other

There was always an imbalance in power

They had an abundance of food and stuff

But somehow most humans never had enough

Everything they did was traded and sold

Very little was free and very few were bold

The story of homo sapiens didn’t last for long

In less than a million years they were gone

Like a scrape of a fingernail with a sharp knife

Humans lasted a tiny fraction of earths entire life

They did leave some traces

But not much remains over the ages

Even a human knows

Everything comes and goes