• Seb

Prison Earth

Welcome to planet earth

Beware of where it is you give birth

Different places are controlled by different tribes

And these different tribes have very different lives

Some are very poor whilst others are very rich

And it’s usually pretty obvious to tell which is which

Some cultures are more open and others are more closed

Some cover their skin and others are more exposed

Some force you to go to war

Others don’t even lock their door

In some places you can hide in the multicultural crowd

In others your skin colour is pretty loud

The value of your life often depends on your passport

Hence, not all nationalities are welcome in all airports

It doesn’t matter if you are a human

Some countries only accept people from the European Union

So get in line and apply for a visa

As your odds aren’t too good if your from Tunisia

But if you somehow make it over

Your challenges are still far from over

The paper work has just begun

It will probably take years until the bureaucracy is done

In the meantime you better start adapting

As most locals aren’t very culturally understanding

Of course these aren’t really issues if you’re rich

Money makes continents and countries much easier to switch

The world we live in is quite bizarre

It’s your ID card that matters and not the human you are

So let’s build more boarders and walls

To separate shopping malls from other shopping malls

You are not a human on planet earth orbiting a star in space

You are within the boarders of some tribe called Denmark and must integrate in this place

Let me repeat: This isn’t a planet

This is Germany! No Mexico! No this is the United States of America Goddammit!