• Seb

Updated: Mar 9

The Eight Planets

Somewhere in space there was a sun

It had 8 planets that all spun

Around and around they went

Space and time were bent

Bent by a force named gravity

A little solar system in a vast galaxy

Mercury was closest to the star

It was the smallest planet by far

After that came Venus

Extreme heat was its uniqueness

Then came a place called Earth

A blue marble where life had given birth

Mars was fourth in line

It had tall red mountains to climb

Next up was gas giant Jupiter

2.5x bigger than all others put together

Saturn came after that

It had beautiful rings to gaze at

Uranus was number seven

An ice giant where everyday frost was given

The last one was Neptune

A blue world with 14 frozen moons

The sun was the life source of them all

A massive hydrogen and helium ball

The solar system lasted for 10 billion earth years

Until the red giant vaporised all 8 spheres

It was beautiful while it lasted

It was beautiful when everything blasted