• Seb

Updated: Mar 8

The Journey


That’s all it’s ever been

A continuous clock

Waiting for the unseen

Once I finish school

I will finally do something cool

Once I retire

I will do something I desire

But will that future ever come?

Or must your dreams always succumb?

Maybe life is not about getting somewhere

Maybe it’s about a never ending story elsewhere

There is no destination

Only challenging adaptations

So walk your path

And never forgot to laugh

The point of the dance is to dance

Finding joy in the journey of balance

Prepare for plans to change

There’s always a new chapter and page

The world is full of things to ponder

The world is full of mysteries and wonder

You will never know it all

So don’t stress yourself and have a ball

Distance yourself from your ego

Respect others and let go

Never forget to be a kid

Travel around and get off the grid

Keep on making friends

As the journey never ends