• Seb

Third Culture Kid


I’m not Kenyan, Egyptian or Nigerian

I’m not Qatari, Emirati or German

I’m a third culture kid

An unlabelled human with no lid

I’ve grown up in all those places

Diverse cultures & diverse cases

Exposed to all sorts of races

I learned not to judge faces

In a world that does

But who am I to fuss

I went to International schools

With many fools & too many rules

I lived in hotels and villas

I hung out with saints and killas

I grew up pretty fast

Well, one must as an outcast

I’m not complaining

I just never stop changing

So I keep bouncing about

Even after moving out

Feeling lost in a world of nations

Where Croatians stick with Croatians

But I’m alright

I have no war to fight

And I know I’m not alone

Many see planet earth as our home

Maybe we all do

But patriotism blurs the view

Nobody is native

So no human should be hated

Or maybe I’m fooling myself

And I should keep my thoughts to myself