• Seb

Updated: Mar 9


Jambo Sana

And welcome to Zanzibar

A group of islands in East Africa

That belong to the nation of Tanzania

1.3 million people

Live on land that’s far from equal

But that’s nothing new

So enjoy your travels and view

You will find plenty of beautiful beaches

Many will leave you speechless

The sporty youth is always in motion

Running and playing by the Indian Ocean

The water is so turquoise

You won’t believe your eyes

Watch out you don’t burn your skin

Although it’ll make the locals grin

The roads are busy and bumpy

And aren’t fixed because of… well money

99% of inhabitants are muslim

The remainder is indigenous and Christian

Other nations used to control the entire village

Namely the Portuguese, Omani & British

It’s quite a peaceful place

There’s no gold, oil or diamond to chase

Only cloves & other spices

And of course fresh papaya slices

To some Zanzibar is everyday reality

To me it reveals a lot about humanity