The New Human Rights Movement


I don’t believe we humans can continue on this planet with Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism or whatever other ism you can think of that only operates within the confines of today’s outdated trade system.
I believe in a new way of thinking in alignment with change, science and sustainability; in alignment with the concept and causality of structuralism.

If you want to focus on planetary improvement
then maybe stop consuming brainless media
and instead read The New Human Rights Movement.

The book is dedicated to the unpersons;
those who embody the evidence of our grand social failures,
and the wisdom gathered in it shows how building a new sustainable social model could radically improve human relations and behaviour.

The author Peter Joseph shows that most social activist organisations
only protest and fight against symptoms of the real issue;
symptoms like war, poverty, inequality, crime, violence and corruption
that actually are all caused outcomes of todays market structure from a systemic point of view.

To the market these problems are simply labelled as a negative externality,
despite there being much better ways to distribute and share the planets resources that does not excuse and threaten billions of peoples reality.

One also learns that our problems will not be solved by rich peoples vanity driven philanthropy.
Their donations keep increasing yet interestingly enough so does global inequality.
On top of the fact that they are extremely unlikely to question the very structure that rewarded them all their notoriety.

Studies clearly show that the richer you get the less you proportionally give.
Maybe that’s because millionaires and billionaires become so out of touch with how the average human lives.

Peter exemplifies in the book how our mental health, physical wellbeing and social inclusion worsen in a society with higher inequality.
The economic system around us really dictates the extent of a populations relative and absolute poverty.

All this makes me understand that today’s free market is anything but free.
It only serves and benefits those with the most economic leverage.
It even reinforces companies to control and sell water as an artificially scarce beverage.

We must stop looking at things as self-imposed or fixed.
Everything, including our own behaviour is simply a link in an endless chain subject to the surrounding Matrix.

Our human rights must be integrated into the very structure of the social model.
Otherwise they will never be realised regardless of what is judicially lawful.

The fact that murder is illegal does not stop humans from being lethal.
It is the forces of society and ones environment that determines the behaviour of people.

The same goes for trying to achieve sustainability in an unsustainable system.
It’s structurally impossible without redesigning the entire socioeconomic model that in turn would change incentives and ultimately the human condition.

In order to do so we must experiment and use the scientific method to upgrade society.
If you haven’t already please look into the proposals of a new trade-free world known as a resource based economy.

Automation, access, open source, localisation and networked digital feedback are 5 very important steps towards such an abundant future enlightened by Peter.
A smooth talking human who’s work is a great inspiration for how to bring about real structural change.