Humans killing other humans on a mass scale
has always been apart of humanities quite brutal tale.

From hands, to stones, to knives, to guns, to atomic bombs and so forth,
the destructive power of humans now threatens all life on planet earth.

The reality of war is very foreign for some, yet extremely real for others.
Just imagine the complete destruction and loss of your home, culture, childhood, friends, sisters and brothers.

Sadly the free market has no consideration for how that would feel.
Instead it reinforces the rich to profit off another billion dollar arms deal.

Far over 100 million people have been killed in the wars of the 20th century alone.
It really is the most primitive and brutal waste of lives, resources and time humanity has ever known.

Some estimates for the total number of humans killed in all wars in history goes up to 1 billion people,
and until this day so much is still invested into making drones, battleships, tanks and all kind of military equipment more and more lethal.

Currently we also have more than 100 million soldiers worldwide.
The task of these people is not to protect the human race from another species,
but instead it is to fight and kill other humans with dividing beliefs of national pride.

Many believe being a soldier is a very honourable thing.
That seems like a highly subservient point of view as it’s always the poor who die in battle and never the king.

To me real honour has to do with unity, understanding and non-violently refusing.
We must shift our attitude from one of fear and aggression to one of courage and compassion before we all end up losing.

Just like those who lost their lives in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Nazi Germany, Rwanda, Armenia, Russia, Iraq and the list would never end.
We have to start understanding who benefits and why we have war if we truly wish to change and transcend.

Sadly, the causes of war are still not properly presented in today’s average history class,
as most books don’t touch upon false flag operations, the military industrial complex and the upper banking class.

Students need to learn that the mess in the middle east is not an error.
It is a highly profitable situation where big oil companies, arms dealers and banks make insanely high amounts of money off manufactured terror.

They also need to learn that there is a big difference between what is reported by the mainstream media
and what is actually going on in places like Iraq, Yemen and Syria.

War is unacceptable, yet in todays market system it is structurally inevitable.
Hence, in order to overcome it we must design a new socioeconomic model where profiting from mass murder is systemically impossible.

Maybe instead of spending so much time and resources on how to improve and profit from mental, physical, racial, geopolitical and ultimately self-destructive torture,
we should invest our energy on creating new sustainable and peaceful social structures where we use understanding rather than violence to bridge our differences in culture.